"What Should I Tell My Daughter?" #8 About violence

In this episode we are joined by Derrell Jones, a former military police officer turned law enforcement captain with extensive experience in domestic violence and homicide cases. As a father of two girls, Jones brings a unique perspective to the discussion, which delves into the complex topic of violence in relationships and how parents can safeguard their children from dangerous situations.

The episode begins with thought-provoking questions: Is violence something that occurs unexpectedly, or can it be identified in advance when your child is dating someone? Are men perpetrating more violence than women? How can parents prevent their children from ending up in violent relationships?

Cpt. Jones, drawing from his years of professional experience, offers invaluable insights into these pressing concerns. The conversation explores the signs of domestic violence, the importance of recognizing red flags, and practical strategies for teaching young people to seek partners who possess strength without the potential for harm.

Join us in listening to Cpt. Jones' firsthand accounts and practical advice as he highlights the dangers of domestic violence and equips parents with the tools needed to navigate this sensitive topic. This episode of "What Should I Tell My Daughter?" offers an eye-opening and empowering conversation that will resonate with anyone concerned about the safety and well-being of their loved ones.

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