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  Welcome to 'What Should I Tell My Daughter?' Hosted by Evelyn Locher and Hannah Spier, M.D., this podcast combines their backgrounds in psychiatry and the corporate world to challenge the messaging directed at girls and young women over the past four decades. Evelyn and Hannah take you on a journey to unearth the truths and falsehoods we've been told since childhood and how these narratives persist in modern society. These two close friends, each leading contrasting lives—Evelyn, a modern corporate trailblazer, and Hannah, a conservative stay-at-home mom—explore, laugh, banter, and occasionally argue as they tackle the intricacies of balancing life, career, family, and our mental well-being in contemporary society. With a mission to empower the next generation in navigating modern society, Evelyn Locher, with an Executive MBA and a successful consulting career in Zurich, provides corporate expertise, while Hannah Spier, a medical doctor with psychotherapy credentials and