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“What should I tell my daughter?” New Podcast

Image Today Evelyn Locher and I released the first episode of our new podcast series “What Should I Tell My Daughter”! We discuss the things we were told growing up, what the cosequences of that sort of messaging has been and question if it’s prudent to continue on that messaging to the next generation of women. We focus on our daughters and how we can best guide them through the challenges of the modern world. Be that in a corporate environment, with instagram realities or social media trends and how to deal with difficult questions they might ask us like: Why should I have kids? I feel very lucky to have Evelyn Locher as a partner in this, she is the yin to my yang with her years of experience in consulting for one of the Big 4 in Zürich. We start off with an episode on how personality generally differs between the genders, the Big 5 model and specificall

Interview with Derrell Jones for Family on Trial