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The Doctors' Tic

In the beginning, when I was starting out with one on one therapy sessions in a polyclinical setting, I lived in abject fear of being put on the spot for some clever feedback. I felt the patient was waiting for a one-liner that would summarize all of their problems and provide the solutions to them in one big swoop. Just like in the movies. I felt pressure to provide something that would give immediate relief, something the patients could hold in their hand on their way out. Then I would be able to check it off my list, like the neurotic overachievers we doctors all are. I would sort of rush through the patient history questionnaires apologetically (in psychiatry it does go on rather). It felt wrong to ask so many questions; as if I hadn't payed proper attention to begin with. I sat tensely at the edge of my seat, ready to swerve any expectation I couldn't meet, and often went into long tirades of psychoeducation to prove myself. I would be only too happy to prescribe antidepre


My name is Hannah Spier and I am a fully trained medical doctor born and raised in Norway. There, I worked at an acute psychiatric ward near Oslo, and then at an outpatient clinic in a small town in the far north, before I moved to Switzerland for my husband. In Zürich I have worked 2 years outpatient and 2 years in a psychiatric hospital while finishing a degree in Psychotherapy at the University of Zürich. Since 2019 I've had 3 children and am for the time being loving life as a stay at home mom. Taking a step back, having had more opportunity to read, listen and reflect, has solidified some ideas and opinions I would like to share. I'm creating this blog, with the hope of providing another perspective or direct more attention to important issues.