"What Should I Tell My Daughter" #7 About prejudice against men - with Dr. Aman Siddiqi

In this episode we are honored to be joined by Dr. Aman Siddiqi, a renowned clinical psychologist specializing in prejudice against men. Dr. Siddiqi tells us about his research findings on discrimination and bias faced by men in various aspects of society. The discussion begins by delving into the concept of bias against men, and how it differs from biases that apply to women. The conversation shifts towards the dfferent types of discrimination against men, the portrayal of men in pop culture and the consequences of emasculating humor. We engage in a nuanced debate about the impact of such portrayals on society and the potential ramifications for boys' development. The topic then shifts towards parenting and the differences observed in raising boys and girls. The second part of the episode delves into the changes Dr. Siddiqi hopes to see and aims to understand his perspective on the treatment of men and women. The discussion revolves around the need for consistent themes and productive goals when addressing men's issues. The conversation concludes with Dr. Siddiqi sharing his thoughts on the way forward. 
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